What if I have additional questions? Who can I contact?

For dietary supplement finished product manufacturers: 
Erik Eberhart at UL will be happy to help. Reach out to Erik at Erik.Eberhart@ul.com or 913-304-7841.

For regulators or retailers: 
Contact Dr. Duffy MacKay at CRN at dmackay@crnusa.org or 202-204-7664.

For press: 
Contact Nancy Weindruch at CRN at nweindruch@crnusa.org or 202-204-7684 or Whitney Miller at UL at whitney.miller@ul.com or 913-953-8923.

All others: 
If you would like to be added to a list that will let you know when the Supplement OWL is made public, please email Amour Clinton at CRN at aclinton@crnusa.org.