The Commercial Data Exchange (CDX) feature of the Supplement OWL allows companies to upload additional information and supporting documents about quality practices for their products for a nominal fee. The CDX is designed to facilitate B2B information exchange and fill a void in the relationship between dietary supplement companies and their customers. For example, the CDX can assist retailers in obtaining documentation that demonstrates a company's compliance so they can better evaluate potential clients/products to place on store shelves.

The CDX includes documentation demonstrating compliance/adherence in key areas including: evidence of third-party cGMP audit/inspection; finished product testing/certifications; product attributes, such as non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free, halal, kosher, etc.; post-market surveillance statements such as an adverse event reporting letter of compliance signed by senior regulatory staff; FDA-assigned structure-function claim notification numbers; and more.

This information will be controlled by the product marketer and only those entities with permission from the marketer will be able to view these materials. Companies can submit labels to the Supplement OWL now and decide later whether they also want to participate in the CDX.

Contact us at the following email address with questions: SupplementOWL@crnusa.org