The Supplement OWL and the CDX:
the Evolution of Self-Regulation


One year on, CRN sees success with online supplement registry
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The Supplement OWL registry adapts to support other self regulatory endeavors and accommodate business
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Should FDA create a mandatory product registry for dietary supplements?
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A stylish OWL who curates your supplements
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E pluribus noctua: Out of many, an OWL
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A year later: The Supplement OWL in action
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The Supplement OWL seeks to improve transparency

American Herbal Products Associations (AHPA) encourages participation in Supplement OWL
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CRN's Supplement OWL recognized by ASAE with industry award
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NSF International voices support for the Supplement OWL
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Why the FDA Supplement Facts compliance extension could boost the Supplement OWL

United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) endorses Supplement OWL
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NBJ Summit founder and co-chairendorses Supplement OWL
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Herbalife's Frankos strongly behind Supplement OWL

Natural Products Association applauds launch of Supplement OWL—Urges NPA members to explore how to get their dietary supplement labels in the online registry
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CHPA voices support for Supplement OWL label registry

Self-regulation is par for the course in supplements

Helping the Supplement OWL soar
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ABC endorses Supplement OWL dietary supplement product registry

The American Botanical Council (ABC) endorses the Supplement OWL
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The Supplement OWL takes self-regulation under its wing

First-ever supplements online product registry begins to take off
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More than 50 companies already in CRN’s Supplement OWL database
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Supplement industry encouraged to participate in product registry
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Herbalife exec on dietary supplement registry: ‘Everyone agreed we needed more transparency’

Supplement OWL shows that there’s now a real willingness to be transparent with consumers: CRN

CRN taps UL to develop supplement products registry
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Council for Responsible Nutrition supplement product registry could be game changer
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